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Welcome!  Our father was a Signalman on the USS Boston during WWII.  The Boston was one of almost a hundred ships attached to Task Force 58 that prosecuted the War island by island across the Central Pacific before finally reaching Japan.  She earned 10 Battle Stars in combat operations against the Empire of Japan along the way. After the war, the crewmembers went home, becoming husbands and fathers, workers and employers; each with their own fascinating story.


We’re Bill and Steve Kelly.  We decided to start this Blog & Post website devoted to the USS Boston during her four years of WWII service.  (She was afloat for many years after, serving in the Mediterranean and Vietnam.)  We have no affiliation with any group or organization. We have no axes to grind.  We just have enthusiasm for this great ship and the men who served aboard her!  We do own-up to some bias, however.  Steve has written several books about the ship and her unbelievable Pacific Adventures. [See the link to his books in the navigation bar.]

We expect this site to be in a constant state of “work in progress”  We’re an “organization of two,” each fully overbooked and overcommitted. We hope that visitors decide to share stories, pictures, memories, ideas, etc.  – anything that pertains to the ship, her operations, or her crew.  We don’t want to do all the work! We encourage anyone who wants to write a blog for the blog page to get in touch with us. Posting info or items to the Chat Room is easy!

Obviously, we reserve the right to reject (and/or edit) any offensive material.

We have no commercial interest in maintaining, swapping, vendoring, renting or selling any contact info related to our visiting friends.  We respect everyone’s privacy and will do everything we can to keep the sharks and spammers away!

Bill and Steve Kelly

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  1. Case Zambelli says:

    I just wanted to say that what you’ve created here is absolutely beautiful. My grandfather, Norman Sinclair Pelley, was on this boat. I can’t believe it has taken me this long to decide to take the stories he told me and see if anything matched up. He always talked about his experience during the Typhoon, getting disciplined and supposedly trying to talk to a Japanese pilot they shot down. Although, the last one I have to double check on with my mother. I’ll see if I can get some more detail and I would love to share it with you. Thank you so much – this only strengthens the memories I have of him and how he is remembered. Can’t wait to read more!

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