Bob Knight


I got an email yesterday from Bob’s daughter Pam telling me the sad news that her dad passed away on Monday after suffering a major stroke.

Bob was “one of my plankowners”  –  original crewmembers who met with me and graciously answered my questions about “what was it like to be on the Boston?”  Bob was funny and witty and charming and told some great stories about what it was like to be an 18 year old kid who found himself with a shipload of other young men enduring the grueling Pacific War.  Bob and I kept in touch in the years that followed and he regularly read (and commented on) this blog.

Pam sent me a link to his obit:

I’m sad Bob is gone.  More than that, I am forever grateful I got to meet these men and see glimpses of what my father experienced and endured from his days at the Fargo Building in Boston to coming home from Occupation Duty.


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