Catch-up Time

Knee surgery 7 weeks ago today.  Coming along nicely, but still at least a month before I can go back to work (ugh!).  Now, I realize this is all incredibly important news to the inhabitants of planet Earth . . .

Several more or less recent posts to our Facebook Group page  (you’re not a member, you say????) that should have made it onto this site, haven’t yet.  Let’s start here, with sad news from Dan Moore:

I’m very sorry to announce the passing of my grandfather, Richard “Hoppy” Hopkins. He died last Saturday, peacefully, at home, with his wife of 72 years and his family by his side.

Dick served aboard the USS Boston for 806 days—from June 30, 1942 (S2c), to November 6, 1945 (S1c). After his discharge from the Navy, he went on to serve for 23 years in the USAF, as a Deputy Sheriff near his home in Maine, as a Chief of Operations for Federal Protective Services, and as a branch manager for the FAA.

Most of my time spent with Gramps was during his retirement. He was a man beyond compare, and every Saturday I would take him to his American Legion post for drinks with his comrades. The oldest member by far, Gramps would sit there proudly in his CA-69 hat and give hell to the youngins.

A couple of years back, I bought him the set of “Baked Beans” books. He never talked about the war; he lost many friends and loved ones, including a brother in Normandy. But he did get a kick out of paging through those books!

I love you, Grampy. Rest in peace.…/richard-hopkins-192…


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