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4 Responses to Contact

  1. Dave Diamond says:

    My Dad was on the USS Boston from its commission. He was 25 (I’m told fairly old for that period to join) and was already a Journeyman Machinist by trade. He was responsible for the engine room and much of the operating machinery on the ship. I found his picture! That is Amazing! Thanks so much for this blog. He told me many stories about his time and service on the USS Boston. He was always proud of having served. Thanks again. Dave

  2. Dave Diamond says:

    Just trying to get in contact on your blog. Thanks for the great work! Dave

  3. Lynn says:

    Hi Steve, I was browsing the site for the first time in too long…and just saw the Aug. 23 post with my dad’s pictures. More special than you could know as the post was just 2 days after my birthday…a little gift for me! Thank you so much once again for your dedication and hard work. Happy New Year to you!!! Lynn (Sorry if I’ve inadvertently posted twice!)

  4. Gregory Jeanson says:

    I am Larry’s nephew. I grew up around this man who was very reclusive about his experiences on the USS Boston. He was an inspiration for my own tour in the Navy (Gulf War 1). Sadly, Uncle Larry passed away a couple of years ago leaving far more questions about his Navy tour than answers. Do you have any more data about his USS Boston tour? I see he had a courtmartial for going AWOL (presumably one of the sailors from San Francisco) but I’ve overheard rumors about his experiences and many awards achieved from his service during the War. Do you have any personnel data/information to bring the Navy career of one very quiet man back to life?

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