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  1. john drumm says:

    does any one have picture of Sept 1945 -February 1946 looking for picture of my grandfather :Sailor: John Clifford Drumm’s USS BOSTON Naval Record
    Rank when arriving on the Boston: Seaman 2nd Class (S2c)
    Enlisted on: at: ,
    Number of days on USS Boston: 166

    Date sailor reported to the Boston: 1945-09-13— 1946-02-26 | See Original Document
    Notes on sailor arrival: USS COLORADO

  2. Craig Hapanovich says:

    I just found this site a week ago. Fascinating.

    My father served on the Boston 5/9/1944 to 6/15/1946. I notice from earlier posts that Mary Ward’s uncle and Eric Geng’s father both reported for duty on the same day as my father.

    My father never talked much about his war experiences, so I have no idea what his job was on board the Boston. Is there anyway from the records to find out?

    If anyone is interested I found a PDF of the Boston cruise book here:
    I am not exactly sure what a cruise book is but it has an amazing number of photographs.

    In the cruise book it has pictures of the crew by division, like “L – Division”, “L R Division”, etc. Is there anyway to find out what those divisions mean? I found a link here that shows the divisions on a battleship but they do not seem to match up with the Boston’s.

  3. angelo a mancini says:

    Hi everyone this chief cook was on the boston cag1 1955 plankower he was a e-5 cook did 22 years tetied. did he pass away he live in vig beach danny hammer. ty angelo a mancini I was the jack of the dust at this time. 8/1955

  4. Barbara Lee says:

    My dad was a dentist on the Boston 1943-46. Worked with Dr, Angell from Vermont
    Lt. John D.Lee, Mondovi

    I have his letters and lots of stuff from the ship. Anybody have interest?

  5. steve says:

    you can request your father’s service records. Click on the “Crew Records” navigation button on the website and click on the “how to find your father’s service record” button. Meanwhile, if you want to read about what the crew endured on the Boston, I suggest you start reading the Baked Beans series.
    steve kelly

  6. John Reed says:

    Trying to learn about my father, S2C William H. Reed, plank owner from Dighton Mass. Service number 7617714

  7. mary p says:

    Just wanted to say thank you for putting this all together , I found my “pop” in the LR division photo, it was great to show my son his great grandfather! His name is William H Hardcastle.

    Thanks Mary

  8. Gene Westerlind says:

    I am so happy to find this site. My dad, Robert, and his twin brother Richard are both plank owners of the Boston. They served throughout the war together on the ship and thankfully made it home safely. They lived out the rest of their lives close together (Our back yards touched). I grew up listening to my dad and uncle’s stories of their WWII service. I am deeply proud of them both.

  9. Richard Pitts says:

    My neighbor was on the USS Boston CA-69 from 1944 into 1946, his name is Emory Roderick Bottom S1c, I have listened to his wonderful tales for hours and only wish others in our generation could hear for themselves the sacrifice and dedication that his wonderful generation endured to ensure the freedom that we all enjoy today, you are my heroes!

  10. Abby Merriam says:

    Hi – My father, Robert L. Merriam served as a Lt. on the Boston. He just called and asked if I could find a photo taken in Hiroshima in 1945. A fellow crew member took the photo and it appeared in Time magazine (he thinks) some time post-war…early 50’s? The crew and fleets Admiral were pictured near a church and Town Hall that remained standing. Any information on such a photo or where to look would be great.

  11. bill says:


    do you know when your Dad joined the Boston? Since he was an officer, you could look through the decklogs I have scanned (see the info tab at the top of the website) Officer listings come 1st every month. I just looked through the May 44 listing (the last one I’ve completed to date) and found a chief gunner Kavalaskia and a gunner named Shumate, so be patient as I convert 6400 pages of photographs into monthly listings! 🙂 What was his name?


  12. John Whitaker says:

    Dear Mr. Kelly – My dad was a gunnery officer on the Boston. He was on board September 2, 1945 in Tokyo Bay when the Japanese officially surrendered. I am anxious to look through the pictures to see if I can find him. Thanks so much.

  13. bill says:


    I’ll see if I can find some boxing pictures. Do you have any memory of what he did on the ship?

    -Bill Kelly

  14. Erin Geng says:

    I’ m trying to find all I can about my dad, Donald James Geng, enlisted in Helena, Montana Feb. 12th 1944, received on board May 9th 1944, USS Boston CA 69. I haven’t found his picture anywhere, and I do know he was a top boxer on the ship….If you know where I might find this information I would be eternally grateful for your help.
    Keep up the good work….wonderful job!
    Erin Geng, daughter of a sailor…

  15. William H. Parrish MM1/C says:

    Great to find all the information on the (CL 69) I to was a plank onwer on her. Lots of the name come back as I went down The list. Thanks for all the hard work it took to bring this up. Bill

  16. lisa says:

    Thank you for letting us know that the contact page didn’t work. It should work now. Bill’s already made the other fixes you requested.

  17. Don Priest says:

    Hi, thanks for building and maintaining this site. It is a fine site. The contact page would not work to send an email.

    Please correct my Dad’s middle name. It is Lloyd ‘Leroy’ Priest, not ‘Lorer’.

    He made QM2 on the Boston. He was at the helm when the Houston was towed. He died of cancer in 2001.

    I was named after a shipmate of Dad’s on the Boston: Don Gaylen Hawker. Your listing has his middle name misspelled as ‘Gaylon.’ Please make the correction. Don Hawker is alive and living in Salt Lake City. He is in the phone book.

    I served in VN in the USN flying fighters off CVA-34. I live in GA and UT.

    For Lesley: A ‘plank owner’ is someone who was attached to the ship when she was launched and part of the original crew.

    Don Priest

  18. bill says:


    I’ve just started working on May 1944, it looks like about 200 sailors joined the Boston in may, so bear with me!


  19. bill says:


    I’m working on early 1944 right now for records. But my scanned records are very blurred for march, so I took some time off in the last few months to try other methods of getting the records. I THANK you for this comment and I’ll try to update his record as soon as I can.

    Bill Kelly

  20. Mary ward says:

    you have my Uncle Joe( he was like my Daddy)
    listed as HENSON, A.J. Seaman 1st Class
    here is some more info on hime If you have any photos I would love them thank so much thank you so much for your web site .He never talked a bout being in the war ..Mary WARD
    Report of Changes
    15 May 1944
    U.S.S. Boston (CA69) Page 12
    Amos Joseph Henson 871 33 89 S2c 3 Feb 1944 Minneapolis, Minn

    Muster roll of the crew U.S.S. Boston (CA69)
    30 June 1944
    Enlistment date 3 Feb 1944
    Date recived on board 9 May 1944

    Report of Changes 1 Nov 1945 U.S.S. Boston (CA69)
    racking at date of last report F1c
    place of enlistment 3605
    date of enlistment 3 Feb 1944
    service # 871 33 89

  21. Lesley Berry says:

    In which photo is there a chance I might find Stanley Hazell?
    Very excited,

  22. Lesley Berry says:

    Please can you tell me what a”plank owner ” did? I have just discovered that my ancestor was a plank owner and then promoted to Painter 2nd class.Fantastic to find this web site and will follow you.My relative was Stanley T. Hazell, and you say he was present at the Boston’s commissioning.Stanley’s grandparents were immigrants from South London,UK.They were my great grand uncle and aunt.Found you when I was looking for info on their immigration.What a bonus!!

  23. Christy Mansis says:

    Good evening. I was unable to submit a question to you via your contact page so please forgive me for posting it as a comment.
    My father was a plank owner of the USS Boston CA-69 but I do not see his name included on your crew list. How can I add his name? I would love to show him your site but if he saw that he was not included it would break his heart. His name is Robert Joseph White. I appreciate any help you can offer.
    Kind regards,

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