January 21, 1946


The Boston is steaming toward San Francisco for the last time.  By then, about 2/3s of the crew has already mustered off (first large group in Oct 45, second large group in Nov 45).  When the ship docks in San Francisco, all but a very small skeleton crew musters off and are sent home. (Skeleton crew stays with the ship as she sails to Bremerton WA for mothballing.)  [Also, the Temple Bell was crated and shipped off to Boston.]

Our dear friend Bob Knight saved this and shared it with me.

[Ed note:  Bob saw this today and commented: I didn’t write this, but I did share it with Steve. Bob.     When I posted this, it did not occur to me that someone might think Bob wrote this.  This document was one that he got while aboard the ship and saved it.  Clearly written by one of the guys.  My apologies if this was misconstrued, or if anyone thought Bob wrote this.]

I think you might like it:


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  1. Robert Knight says:

    I didn’t write this, but I did share it with Steve.


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