Marine Records

Marines who served on the USS Boston (CA-69) during World War II

We have an incomplete list of Marines who were on board the USS Boston during WWII, please contact us if you have information about these marines that we could add.

  • Hutchings, H.E.   Private
  • Johnson, B.C.       Private First Class
  • Knutti, W.W.         Private
  • Lewis, J.G.             Private
  • Marshall, R.C.      Private
  • Masterson, C.R.   Private First Class
  • Matthews, A.W.   Private First Class
  • Mc Donnell, J.L.  P1 Sgt
  • Miller, C.W.           Private First Class
  • Nielson, R.H.        Private
  • Perry, J.H.              Private First Class
  • Powell, J.F.            Corporal
  • Radlowski, M.G.   Private
  • Roland, R.R.          Private
  • Smith, R.B.             Private
  • Barnes, R.L.           Private
  • Beaudin, W.J.        Private
  • Betlz, R.C.               Private First Class
  • Bewes, R.A.            Sgt
  • Boyles, W.L.           Private First Class
  • Branback, L.B.       Private First Class
  • Burkley, F.H.          Private
  • Campbell, T.M.      Private
  • Carmichael, F.D. Jr. Private
  • Corbett, F.E.            Private First Class
  • Crawford, E.H.       Private
  • Crieglow, T.D.        Cpl
  • Dmitruk, E.             Private
  • Doerr, G. Jr.           Private
  • Feller, R.A.             Private
  • Galante, F.T.          Private
  • Glies, R.A.               Private
  • Gorham, R.P.         Private First Class
  • Goss, F.X.                Private
  • Halsall, T.A.          1st Sgt
  • Turner, T.W.          Gunnery Sgt
  • Tushinsky, A.        Private
  • Von Dohln, J.G.   Sgt
  • Welch, W.D.         Private
  • Cleary, J.C.            Private First Class
  • Root, Connell Cecil Private (827422)
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3 Responses to Marine Records

  1. steve says:

    we have very little information about the Marine detachment and we’d love any that you can provide us.


  2. Scott Goldwyn says:

    My dad was Pfc. Robert Goldwyn, a marine, Flag Allowance Com. Cur. Div. 10. Was assigned to ship in June 1943 at Boston Harbor, where it was commissioned on June 30. He served on the ship until 1944. I have a few pages from a diary he kept listing ports of call from first cruise to the Marshall Islands, action in the Marshall Islands, then a cruise to the Solomon Islands and the Caroline Islands. He writes about becoming a “shellback” on March 9 after crossing the international dateline.
    He writes about an attack on Truk Island on 4/30/44 and mentions a bad knee, eventually getting transferred to a hospital ship, U.S.S. Relief on 5/8/44. On 6/3/44 he was back at Pearl Harbor and remained in the hospital until July 31.
    Dad passed away in 2005. I can reprint details and names of other crew members if anyone is interested.

  3. Garry Leonard says:

    Halsall, T.A. 1st Sgt.
    Full name Thomas Armstrong Halsall. Born 1916 . Died in Florida 12 Nov 2002.
    Enlisted May 1935

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