Nicholas Zeoli, RdM3c

Memorial Day, 2017

Nick Zeoli (l) with his brother Gene

Nicholas Zeoli is a Boston plankowner, reporting aboard on Commissioning Day (June 30, 1943).  During his service on the ship, he was promoted to RadarMan, 3rd class.  Having been part of all the action on CA-69, he mustered off the ship on 12/26/45 and headed for Home.  (Best Christmas ever, Nick?)

One of our Facebook Group members, Marty Irons, pointed out that Nick was one of the Featured Veterans this last Saturday (5/27/17) in the Fair Haven, VT Memorial Day Parade.

Picture submitted by Nick’s son, Chris Zeoli. 

Happiest Memorial Day post since we started this website.



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One Response to Nicholas Zeoli, RdM3c

  1. John Roorbach says:

    Nick was my coach at Wilton High School, Wilton Ct., pretty tough on me but I eventually got the message. Since 2008 (and maybe he’d like this) I’ve been mayor of small city on the southern Oregon coast and then a city councilman. I’ve served on every council, board and commission in the city except the library board and parks commission. I think that toughness that he and I shared also got me through almost a year and a half of Viet Nam as a infantryman seeing a lot action. I think a lot of the high school teams learned a lot from Nick. I didn’t always appreciate what he said to me, but I took it to heart and learned from it. A big thanks to Nick.

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