These photos are from the National Archives, I’ve listed the archive record number in case you want to order your own print. I have six pictures and I’ll be ordering more…

19-LCM-CA-69-47384 USS Boston CA-69 Great Picture of the USS Boston CA-69 in Boston Harbor

19-LCM-CA-69-47385 USS Boston CA-69 Another of the USS Boston CA-69 Harbor Pictures

19-LCM-CA-69-47386 USS Boston CA-69 Boston Harbor during checkout cruise

19-LCM-CA-69-47387 USS Boston CA-69 Boston Harbor during checkout cruise

80-G-301790 USS Boston CA-69 full power run

80-G-301790 USS Boston CA-69 the Boston approaching the West coast of the US next to the frigate USS Grand Island (PF14)

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14 Responses to Photos

  1. john drumm says:

    looking for any picture on board January of 1945 -December 1945 looking for my grandfather John C. Drumm seaman 2nd class I have one picture with two other that are named in the picture.

  2. Dick warner says:

    GREAT PICS FROM A GRAND OLE LADY!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 :-)—-onboard 1967-69—uss boston cag1/ca69—-just found this site—-thanks.

  3. Tommy Mitchell says:

    Just found this post, thanks for submitting. My daddy, Clayton Mitchell was a member of the first crew, involved in shakedown after being reassigned from the Northampton, which was sunk in late 1942. Wish I could hear some stores of action involved with the Boston.

  4. Brad Foss says:

    My grandfather, Dr. Frank S Larsen MD, served on the Boston in WWII. Thanks for keeping his memory alive!

  5. Melanie Stallard-Orebaugh says:

    Thank you to whomever made this site. My late grandfather, Kenneth Stallard, served on the USS Boston and was a member of the first crew. It was great to find my grandfather’s records on this site. We also found out that my husband’s late grandfather, Leo Wesson, was also a plank owner on the USS Boston. Both men served on the USS Boston from 1943-1945. They dont make many like the young heros on that ship, those that have passed on are sorely missed.

  6. Robert says:

    My grandfather served on this ship also. Clevis Runyan. I was very excited to see his records posted on the Boston’s website. Thanks so much to whomever thanks is due.

  7. Bob Knight says:

    Good Pics.

    I was on her at this time.

    Bob Knight

  8. Rae Taylor says:

    My dad also was on the USS Boston. He was a uranium miner, worked nearly 20 years on the Alaska Railroad and always tried to do the right thing. He loved this country and what it stood for.

  9. David Harris says:

    My father John F. Harris served on the USS Boston from 10-29-1944 to 12-9-1945. He passed in 2004.

  10. Debbie Hanson says:

    My father, James Henry Goad, served on the USS Boston.

  11. James Drewitz says:

    My grandfather MM3 Earl L Graham served aboard Boston 44-46. Thank you for making this site. Some of my fondest memories is of him telling me about his experiences aboard Boston. Sadly he passed in July of 2011. He was the finest man I ever knew and I miss him terribly.

    SPC James Drewitz

  12. Cynthia Henderson Ernst says:

    My father, Alfred Lee Henderson , proudly served on the Boston during the entire war. He was always telling his three girls of the adventures he experienced on the ship. He died on Father’s Day 1996 and he loved going to the reunions.

  13. alicia langlois says:

    my grandfather also was on this ship 1943.

  14. jason harris says:

    i love the site my grandfather served on this ship in 1944 the stories he told were the best we love him and miss him Harold w White seaman 1st class main gun

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