TEMPLE BELL LECTURE – March 18, 2012


Ms. Lola Heiler will present a lecture on the Japanese Temple Bell, Sunday, March 18 from 1 pm to 2:30 at the Emerald Necklace Visitor’s Center (125 the Fenway, Boston, MA  617-522-2700).

The theme of the lecture:  The 17th century Buddhist temple bell from the Manpuku-ji Temple of Sendai, Japan represents the aspirations of the World War II generation to promote peace from the tragedy of war.  It is also a symbol of reconciliation between two nations that were former enemies;  a cultural bridge between two cities, Sendai and Boston, founded in the same era;  and a spiritual cousin of the 1954 UN Peace Bell and its twenty-two successor World Peace Bells installed since 1988 in major cities around the globe.   Transported on the USS Boston (CA69) Navy Cruiser to the USA from Yokosuka, Japan in 1946 and presented to the city of Boston by its captain Marion R. Kelley on behalf of the officers and crew, the bell was formally donated to the city by the Temple Believers in 1953.

The bell is located just behind the Museum of Fine Arts {Huntington Ave.} in the War Memorial area of the Fens.  The visitor’s Center is a short walk from there.  You can read all about the Park and the conservancy at: www.emeraldnecklace.org.  There are maps showing public transportation “T” stops and nearby public parking.

Ms. Heiler tells me the story of the bell, once it arrived in Boston (it used to be located in the Public Gardens) is fascinating and full of surprises!  I wish I could be there . . .



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