Announcing new Crew List

Based on my work at the National Archives, I’m excited to announce and have implemented a new crew list for the Sailors of the USS Boston.  If you click on the ‘Crew List’ in the navigation menu, you’ll see a current listing of the database of the Sailors of the Boston.  I included a crew list from a source outside the the archives and that gave me about 1,500 names.  I am now systematically adding names and information starting with the commissioning on June 30, 1943.  I am working my way alphabetically and I’ve entered all the names up to the last name starting with “F”.

It looks like we will have about 2,500 to 3,00o names.  If you click on the name, and I’ve enterted the information for that sailor, you’ll see individual sailor record which currently includes name, rank, enlistment date and place and when the sailor left the boston.  I will be adding records and filling in missing information as I go.

I’m hoping to add pictures to this database.  Also, I will be including subsequent promotions (and demotions), discipline issues, and sick bay issues.

that’s all for now….


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  1. Hey there. Looking for info on Frederick helbing. He was a fireman on the Boston from December 43 till October 44. Any help you can give would be appreciated. Looking for his division.

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