April 1944 Deck log

I just finished uploading a PDF of the April 1944 Deck log from the USS Boston.  For all the Decklogs, check out the Info tab on the main page of this blog.  The Decklog is an interesting place to find out small tidbits of the ships history.   Here is a sampling:

April 1st: the ship alarm sounds and all sailors report to general quarters at 6:20am because a unidentified ship was located on radar 5 miles away.  Later in the day, one of the ships planes was damaged recovering it from the water.

April 4th: F.C. Rousseau, a coxswain struck hid head on the hatch of Gun Turret #3 (lacerated scalp) and needed medical treatment.

April 5th: C.D. O’Donnell Boatswains Mate 2nd class got his foot caught beneath the breach of a gun while it was being elevated he suffered a sever laceration of his foot.  At midnight, the ship crossed the international dateline and reset their calendars to yesterday.

April 6th – Anchored in Majuro Atoll with 27 other ships in Task Force 58.2.

April 7th – the ship received 436,014 gallons of Navy Fuel oil, 4496 gallons of aviation gas, 48 8 inch shells, 45 8 inch gun powder packs, 100 5 inch projectiles of one type and 162 5 inch projectiles of another type with 239 5 inch gun powder packs, and 200 rounds of 45-70 cal winchester ammunition.

April 8th – Lieutenant F.T. Manning was suspended from duty for 3 days, per the commanding Officer.

April 11th – A. Barkusuas Radarman 3rd class lacerated flexor tendons right thumb while on beach recreation party.  J.B. Cook severely contused his right middle finger while securing LCW and had his hand caught in the ramp and ship’s stern.

April 12th – J.F. Cipriani was injured on a beach recreation party, laceration of his upper lip and loss of an incisor tooth; he was returned to duty.  D.D. Gilliam and C. Johnson Jr. both Stewart’s Mates 2nd class where released from the brig after 5 days their punishment at the Captains Mast complete.

April 14th – The task group 58.2 reforms and they steam away.

April 17th – J. L. Paliani Seaman 2nd class and J.E. Cole Seaman 2nd class were given the following punishments for  being 1 hour and 5 minutes over leave: Loss of 3 liberties in the next port of call.

April 18th – a nearby destoyer fired on a mine and it did not explode.  J.J. Carroll seaman 2nd class was sent to deck court for attempting to destroy government property.

April 19th – 4:07 am Ship fired on horizon bearing 245 degrees and 325 degrees 5:07 manned all general quarters.  06:57am commenced refueling on starboard side.  recieved 234,944 gallons of navy fuel oil.  F.J. Gachan injured by an air chisel with a piece of steel embedded in left arm (at bicep) , treated and returned to duty.

April 21st – rescued three men from downed aircraft, Ensign W.J. Miller, and aircraft specialist W.R. Kiser and B.A. Kanitzer were recovered by the two boston float planes.  These men were from the aircraft carrier ENTERPRISE.

april 27th – J.R Crowell was out of uniform and using obscene language to a petty officer, remitted to deck court, L. Gilbert made a false statement and was sentenced to 5 days solitary confinement on bread and water.

April 28th – W.F. Vollenhweider  was sent to deck court for using obscene language and hanging his clothes in an unauthorized space.

April 29th – 8:10 this vessel commenced firing on three incoming planes that were 7000 feet away.  The first plane was hit with 2nd and 3rd bursts of fire from the 5 inch gun.  The plane continued to fall and crossed the starboard bow.  The second plane was hit by 20mm and 40mm guns and crashed into the water 2500 feet away, a man was seen near the burning plane.  The third plane was shot down by a nearby ship.

April 30th – 15:03 object identified on the horizon as a submarine, sounded general quarters, later it was identified as SEAHORSE (SS 304).  at 16:11 commenced bombardment of SATAWAN Island.   Fired main battery to starboard. expelled 84 round of 8 inch shells, 16:30 commenced main battery again, firing 80 rounds of 8 inch shells.

That’s if for April 1944!


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