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cover2Steve has just published Volume 2 or Baked Beans!!!  This volume is packed with stories and pictures from sailors who were on the ship and lots of pictures from the National Archives and private collections about CA-69.

Volume II relates the events from Sept 1, 1944 through the end of March 1945 when the ship returned to San Pedro, CA for repairs. During this half-year, the Boston participated in the Philippines Campaigns and Iwo Jima. The incredible story of the crippling of two US cruisers by enemy torpedo bombers off the coast of Formosa (Taiwan) and the subsequent retreat (with Boston towing torpedoed cruiser Houston) comes alive in these pages. The men relate some memories of the harrowing Typhoon Cobra that claimed three destroyers and 800 men. First hand accounts of what they witnessed on Iwo Jima will not disappoint you!

Like Vol. I, this book is loaded with primary-source materials: photos from the National Archives,  official War Reports from the Boston and Cruiser Division 10,  diary entries from two of the crewmembers, and first hand-accounts from men who lived through the events!
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