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Date reported to the Boston: 1943-06-30 | See Original Document
Notes on arrival: R/S Boston, Mass

Date left from the Boston: 1943-11-14 | See Original Document
Notes on departure: Died at 1255 this date

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1943-11-14 Died of contusions multiple and severe received at 1115 this date while standing by life lines near starboard crane he was caught between the outrigger of crane and stanchion causing injury
1943-11-14 Doctors report: While standing by to handle lines was crushed between the outrigger of starboard airplane which was being trained inboard and a life line stanchion
1943-11-14 Doctors report: He was placed in a Stokes stretcher and taken to sick bay vomitting blood and complained of severe pain in upper abdomen and lower chest
1943-11-14 He failed to respond to treatment for shock and pursued a downhill path terminating in death 1 hour after the injury
1943-11-15 Was buried at sea. Funeral was attended by Rear admiral Theabald and his officers, the ship's chaplain. The USS ISHERWOOD and BADGER stood by with the Ensign at half mast

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Sailor was present at Commissioning and is a Plank Owner



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