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Officer: John Hazard Carson, Commanding Officer


Rank when arriving on the Boston: Captain (Captain)
Navy Id Number: 9617

Date officer reported to the Boston: 1943-04-05 | See Original Document
Notes on officer arrival: Commanding Officer

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1943-09-18 left the ship for temporary duty in Washington DC
1943-09-22 returned to ship from temporary duty in Washington DC

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Commander John Hazard was the USS Boston Commanding officer from April 5, 1943 to June 5 1944. Commander Hazard was in charge from commissioning to full engagement in the Pacfic. He was promoted to Rear Admiral in March of 1944.

He was born on April 13. 1896 and was Commissioned from Annapolis in 1916. Received an MS from MIT in 1924. He was Commanding Officer of the Dewey 1936-1937. He served duty at the Navy Proving Ground, Dahlgren, Virginia 1937-1940. He was the Executive Officer of the New Mexico 1940-1941. Operations Officer on the staff of the Commander of Cruisers in the Battle Force, then Southwest Pacific Forces 1941-1943. Then, he was assigned to the USS Boston CA-69.

After serving on the USS Boston, he was Commander of U.S. Naval Torpedo Station, Newport 1944-1946. He retired as Vice Admiral in April 1958. Died on February 2, 1976.