Ulithi Atoll & Mog-Mog Island

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Ulithi Atoll in the Caroline Islands was found by the US Navy to be an deep water lagoon that could hold up to 700 ships.  The Island of Mog-Mog in the lagoon was converted to a rest an relaxation station.  The USS Boston stopped by a few times and the rations delivered for the day was 2 Cheese sandwiches and 4 cans of Beer.  Must have been an interesting time with thousands of sailors each with their 4 beer allotment having some R&R.

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  1. After three ” more or less”weeks on the troop ship USS Niagara we saw a giants head sticking above the never ending Pacific Ocean. As we drew nearer it turned out to be a tiny island with palm trees that looked like hair. The main G.I.’s were 18 and 19 year old infantry replacements like me. We then were promised 3 cans of cold beer after a landing invasion practice. With back packs,helmets and rifles we descended by cargo nets off the ship into landing barges. After the wading in chest high water with rifle over our head we made the beach.Later we assembled at a large refr1gerator with a rather large sign that said WELCOME to MOG MOG.

  2. I was on board the USS BANDERA APA 131 on July 1945, we anchored near the
    recreation island mogmog

  3. My dad, Dick Jones, (who has now died) wouldn’t talk about his time in the war. But he did mention Mogmog. He said that as a Seebee that they built a runway, while being shot at, and about making convey supply runs over the “mountain” to the other side of the island. He said that during these runs they were hunkered down in their seats to avoid being shot by the Japanese hiding in ambush. I don’t know if all this happened at or around of Mogmog. I guess now I will never know.

  4. Dear Stan,
    Thanks for checking in! We’d love to hear more of your experiences. I might add your comments directly to the blog so that our readers who don’t check the “comments” can read what you said. Keep checking in with us – while we focus on the sailors aboard the heavy carrier CA-69, we honor all servicemen (and women) who participated in the great struggle in the Pacific.

    steve and bill

  5. I was a Marine stationed on Falalp Island which was the MAG 45 Marine Air Base for the Ulithi Atol. We arrived in Sept. of 44, and stayed until the base closed in Oct/Nov of 1945. Remember it as one hot, sometimes miserable place.. Pouring rains, lots of humidity, and huge lizard like creatures. We had our own beer garden.. Not much else, except great swimming…

    Your website is great..


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