Another “supplies consumed” gem


Several years ago, Bob Knight loaned me his collection of “saved papers” from his time aboard the Boston, which I scanned.  Among those documents were several issues of the ship’s weekly newsletter, “The BeanPot.”  From the first newsletter of 1946:

I don’t know how many men were still aboard then.  The ship and her crew was waiting to be relieved (“sometime in mid-January”) from Occupation Duties.  Many men had mustered off the ship between early Sept, 1945 and Christmas Day.  By the looks of this list, there were still planty of hungry men on board.

Bob is a plankowner and is one of the men I interviewed and featured in the Baked Beans books.  He regularly reads these posts and often comments on their contents (see the comments section).  Thanks Bob, for all your great material and for being available to us.



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  1. My brother served on the Boston during WW II. I would love to find out all I can about his life on board this proud ship.

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