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Happy Mother’s Day.  Where would we be without mothers (existential and rhetorical question) ?

Not sure which particular blend of character strengths (and flaws!) came my way from my mother, but maybe it’s appropriate that I announce the completion of a major (and final) revision of the Baked Beans books.  I could give any number of reasons why I decided to rework the books (is that you nagging me, Mom???) but ultimately I wanted to change the focus of the first books (from a chronicle of the ship geared towards families and friends of crewmembers).  The story of the Boston really is the story of the U.S. Navy’s incredible victory over Japan; as seen through the many Operations carried out by Task Force 58 and 38.  In this sense, the revised books are more durable historical documents.  I’m hoping they have “staying power.”

The biggest news here is that the revised books are available in Kindle format.  Books are all priced $14.95 each (all 3 for $40.95 and free shipping when purchased through the website  –  same as before).  For anyone who wants to “upgrade”  but has already purchased books –  I’ll be happy to send you new ones at my cost and shipping.  Email me at  There are folks out there who have helped me by sharing photos, documents, etc that I have used in the books – sit tight, I’ll be getting back to you with complimentary copies.  ANYONE who has purchased Baked Beans books through either Amazon or my website in the last month or so, contact me and I’ll replace them.  A few copies slipped through the cracks in draft mode – not quite final-edited.  OOPS.

Anyway, I’m now really satisfied with the books.  Done.  (Not really done.  Started revising “A Bird’s Eye View”)



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  1. My dad served on the Boston during WII. I’d love to purchase these books. How do I go about ordering them?

    My dad was Alfred Henderson of Brewer, Maine. He was a gunners mate.

    Thanks for your help.

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