Fu-Go. Surprise.


Podcasts.   I have mixed feelings about them.  There’s a million of ’em out there, and I never really feel that I have time (patience?) to listen to podcasts.  Over time, however, a few of them have slipped into my little orbit, and every time one does, I think/say: Damn. I should listen to more podcasts!  Case in point: the Dan Carlin Hardcore History podcasts – especially about WWI and WWII.  Like a war, however, listening to one of his podcasts is a bit like being “under siege.”  You need a LOT OF TIME to devote to one of his podcasts; although they are most interesting and definitely worth it (if you have the time.)

A friend of mine recently texted me a Radiolab podcast (WNYCStudios) titled Fu-Go.  It’s a mere 35 minutes long!  I highly recommend it.  It’s fascinating, and I promise you that you never learned this in history class.


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