“In a Friendly Way”


August 15, 1945:  This morning we returned to the Tokyo area and the carriers had launched their first strike when we heard the final news of the Japanese surrender.  So the war ended for the U.S.S. Boston, 21 months after we left home port.

August 16, 1945:  This morning we have our C.A.P. over the task groups, bogies are still in the area.  There are some Jap pilots that refuse to surrender.

August 17, 1945:  Today Admiral Halsey announced to shoot down Jap planes “in a friendly way” if attacked.

August 18, 1945:  Several Jap planes were shot down today by C.A.P.  These planes tried to attack the ship by crashing into them. We are still on Condition Three Watch.

Frank Studenski   WAR DIARY U.S.S. BOSTON CA-69

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