1944: On the 18th and 19th, the ships of Task Force 58 steam west towards New Guinea. The dawn fighter launches from the carriers on April 20 marks the beginning of Operation Reckless – the support of General MacArthur’s invasion of Hollandia.  On the 29th, the ships left the area and began heading north and east toward the anchorage at Majuro.  On the way, however, they would attack enemy bases in the Carolines, especially Truk. During this action, the ship came under attack several times by enemy dive-bombers, and the Boston’s gunners splashed more than one “Jill.”

The action continued into early May. On May 1, Boston formed up with several other cruisers into a bombardment group and they pounded enemy targets on the Caroline Islands of Satawan, Ponape and Truk.

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