Thanks, Dirk Oster


While I was working on the Baked Beans books, one day I got an email from Dirk Oster. he explained that his dad, Bernie Oster, was the ship’s photographer.   He had a bunch of old snapshots of the ship that his dad took. They weren’t marked or dated. He wanted to know if I was interested . . .

In the revised books (USS Boston in World War II), I used many of the pictures he sent.   There was a batch of them that at the time didn’t make any sense.   Pictures of Christmas decorations in the ship. Pictures of Santa.   As I absorbed info about the ship during the war, I finally got it.   Here were pictures of the last Christmas in Japan – December 1945 –   Occupation Duty.

I’m going to share some of these in two chunks:   “Outside” shots of a Happy Hour, and “Inside” shots of decorations.   (These are scans of seventy-year-old B&W snapshots, so . . . . )

Movies on the Fantail.   If you look closely (mid-right), you can see the “projection booth”)



Happy Hour on the fantail.
Santa drops in to say hi


Santa listens in on the “Talking Blues”
(l) Marine Captain Norm Bayley listens in on Lem Suggs’ (Communications Officer Raymond Doyle) “Talking Blues”


I will follow up with more snaps of the decorated ship.

Peace.         Steve

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