Two years later


Crewmember Diary Entries  (excerpts)

December 6, 1943
. . . On entering Pearl Harbor we passed through torpedo nets that are opened and closed by tugs . . . On our way in signs of the attack could still be seen. The Battleship Oklahoma was afloat but at a 45 degree angle and still pumping water out of her. The water and shoreline was covered with a lot of oil.  We tied up alongside the concrete piers, which is called Battleship Row, alongside Ford Island.
The Arizona is alongside the pier, on the inboard side.  Looking over the side we can make out the outline of the hull and turret 1 and 4 still have their 14″ guns on board. A lot of oil is seeping out of the Arizona.     Frank Studenski

Dec 7 – 43
Two years ago today Pearl harbor where we are now anchored was attacked. We can still see some of the ships half sunk.   George Pitts

Interview memories (excerpts)

When we first got to Pearl Harbor, when we were going through the channel,    I remember that you could see oil bubbling up, and it looked like smoke here and there.  We tied up alongside the Arizona, and you could look down and see it lying there.     Bob Knight

When we first arrived, it was hard to believe two years had passed since the December 7th attack.  The Arizona was ghastly looking and some of the other ships were still half-sunk.  George Pitts

Compliments of “U.S.S BOSTON in World War II (Baked Beans vol. 1)

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