Over the last year or so, several factors that influence this web/blogsite have occurred / changed.  As you probably know, we were hacked  –  the attacks came in through our email links, causing many headaches for Bill, as he worked diligently to build new protections.  As a result, we had to suspend auto alerts of new posts to those folks who had requested them.

We also put up another site about Task Force 58 / 38. (www.taskforce58.org) – a work in place, but “unfinished.”

At Bill’s prodding, we put up a Facebook Group Page USS Boston CA-69; there are currently 78 members.  Oftentimes, I post the blogs from the original website (https://ca-69boston.org) onto the Facebook page  –  but not always.  Sometimes there is material that appears in one place but not  the other.

Which brings me to the final bit: me.  Regular readers of this site will have noticed my blogs have been less frequent of late.  The reason:  I have been immersed in writing something that I’ve wanted to do for 30 years.  I side-tracked it for many reasons (not the least of which was the Boston books and the websites).   I won’t reveal what it is exactly  –  but it involves a piece of colonial history that “changed everything.”  I have not walked away from the Boston, but until I finish what I started, my contributions will be less frequent.



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